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APMP Training in Oxfordshire

APMP Training in Oxfordshire

APMP Training in Oxfordshire
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17 Oct 2013

During September we held our first training course for the APM APMP qualification in Oxfordshire at the Milton Park Innovation Centre, which is based in one of Europe’s biggest business estates.  It is close to science centres where complex scientific projects have been successfully delivered for the past sixty years.  


APMP Training Facility in Oxfordshire

Close by Milton Park are JET , the Joint European Torus at Culham, and the Diamond Light Source in the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus.  JET is a magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment which is currently the largest facility of its kind in operation.  The Diamond Light Source costing £260M is the UK's national synchrotron science facility.  Its construction was completed on time and on budget with one of the lowest accident rates of a mega project completed in the UK.  Over 1.3 million man-hours were completed during the peak of construction without a single accident.

APMP in Oxfordshire

Our six-day modular course for the APMP in Oxfordshire was spread over three weeks to allow the delegates to absorb the large amount of information and to prepare for the examination held on the last day.  The APMP is the highest level APM qualification obtained by examination and rates highly within project management qualifications as it is graded at level D of the four-level certification program of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  Thus it is recognised worldwide.

  • 100% would recommend APMP to other project management professionals (according to feedback from project managers who have attained the qualification through the Costain Project Management Academy).
  • 81% said it enhanced their confidence in their project management ability; a finding from the same research conducted through the Costain Project Management Academy.
  • Earn up to £10,000 more per annum (according to the independent ARRAS People Salaries and Day Rates Review for PPM Practitioners 2011).


The Management Skills Centre looks forward to APMP in Oxfordshire returning in February next year and making this a regular feature of our programme of APM courses.