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New edition of PMQ Study Guide

New edition of PMQ Study Guide

28 Apr 2017

A new edition of the MSC PMQ Study Guide will shortly be available.  It contains more examples reflecting the relevance and application of PMP to real-life projects.  49 questions from past and current APM Sample Papers appear at the end of the chapters for discussion, and there are another 32 questions with notes for answers to be dissected at an examination workshop. The Guide can be used in classroom courses or as part of a distance or blended learning course.

APM became a Chartered body on 1st April 2017, confirming project management as a unique profession.  So the new edition of the MSC PMQ Study Guide has an increased emphasis on the importance of professionalism.  A new title for the APM qualification means a new title for the Study Guide. The opportunity has also been taken to update the examples and references.  So it now provides not just an excellent Guide for the PMQ but also is very relevant to the higher APM qualifications PPQ and PQ, which centre on demonstrating an ability to apply the knowledge and a capability for professional project management.

The Guide is divided into 16 chapters, which include the whole syllabus and are normally covered in four days. The appendices include a Revision Paper of 16 questions and a further 16 questions covering almost all the topics that may appear in the examination; these questions are discussed at an examination workshop on the fifth day.