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Why take APM PFQ?

Why take APM PFQ?

26 Mar 2017

It's all about how to get things done - a mini-course in applied management that challenges you to find if there's more to project management than just common sense. The APM Project Management Qualification (PFQ) is the place to start.

APM now has a Royal Charter and project management is accepted as a profession. So if one wishes to develop, to become better at managing or taking part in projects, then one has to train for it.

Why do a classroom version? Easy one - because the tutor can generate new examples that apply to your workplace. It becomes more relevant. You get the on-line examination result at the end of the course.

Why do the MSC classroom version? The MSC PFQ training course in London, Westminster uses a venue that is AIM GOLD accredited, the industry national standard for quality of service and facilities. It is very close to St James' Park tube station. The tutor is highly experienced with excellent pass rates. In all, superb value for money - why pay more?

Why take the self-study version? Well, if money is short or you live too far from the venue, it is a lot better than nothing and you learn from the MSC Study Guide and the video podcasts - see the slides and listen to the tutor. You take the on-line exam from home or the office. It is an excellent preparation for people with little project experience to take the first step on the ladder of APM's professional qualifications.

What are the benefits? For an organisation - it helps everybody to use the same language, the same processes, to have a common approach to managing projects. Communication is more effective and many of the common causes of project failure are avoided. The likelihood of successful projects increases.

For an individual - it helps career progression. You can tackle new types of project; the skills acquired really are transferable. Completion of PFQ gives you confidence that you understand the basics, the fundamental aspects that enable you (together with some hands-on experience) to tackle the higher APM qualifications.