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The Privy Council has granted a Charter of Incorporation to APM

The Privy Council has granted a Charter of Incorporation to APM

11 Jan 2017

The Association for Project Management has taken a significant step towards achieving Chartered status.

The Privy Council considered the application at its meeting on 12 October 2016 and has now issued an Order of Grant. This has triggered a process which will see the association awarded a Charter, which will be printed on vellum and sealed.

It was in October 2008 that a formal application was submitted to the Privy Council. Eight years later, there only remain the following steps to be taken:

Once the Charter has been sealed APM will implement the procedural, legal and accounting transition to re-constitute itself as a Chartered body during 2017.

At the association’s AGM on 21 November 2016, members will consider a resolution to transfer the assets and liabilities of the existing charity to a new Chartered Body Corporate.

Once constituted the new body will conduct a public consultation on the criteria for admission to its planned register of Chartered project professionals.

APM has maintained a commitment to achieving Chartered status to raise standards of project delivery, enhance the status of the profession to improve our economy and society, and facilitate collaboration and research to develop the practice and theory of delivering beneficial change.

See the APM website for more details.