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New APMP Study Guide

New APMP Study Guide

16 Apr 2014

APMP Study Guide coverOur comprehensive, new APMP Study Guide for the APM Project Management Qualification.

Publisher:  Management Skills Centre Publications

Publishing date: 17 April 2014 

Paperback: 300 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9928841-0-9

Product Dimensions: 246 x 189 x 16 mm

  • Based on the Syllabus for the APM Project Management Qualification which is aligned with the APM Body of Knowledge version 6 (BoK 6).
  • To accompany training sessions or for distance learning by webinar or self--study.
  • Built around five modules each containing four sessions.  A module is one training day.
  • Session topics are chosen to complement each other rather than follow the syllabus order.
  • All 72 assessment criteria in the syllabus are covered.
  • Sessions include discussion of various sample questions published by the APM.
  • Contains extensive material to prepare for the examination, including time management, question selection.
  • 32 revision questions with notes for answers.

Author:  Andrew Scott - past Director of Management Studies at University College London with extensive experience of research and innovation projects in physics and astronomy.

How does it differ from other Study Guides?  

So far other guides have followed the syllabus order.  This may miss the links between different parts of the syllabus which contribute greatly to an enhanced understanding of project management.

Extensive section on examination preparation with 32 revision questions (with notes for answers) which represent the type of questions expected in the examination.

Uses examples from a wide range of projects.