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APM PMQ Training Courses

The APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)   is for those wishing to achieve a broad level of project management knowledge sufficient to participate in projects from individual assignments through to large capital projects. PMQ is for anyone who has worked within project management for two to four years, or who has recently taken on project management responsibilities. 

The PMQ course may be gained through attending online classroom training to cover the syllabus; this is supplemented with an online exam workshop. 

The workshop is to develop the links between topics and to prepare for the APM examination.

Please note, you are advised to start your training before arranging a date for the online examination.

APM PMQ Courses

PMQ Online Classroom

Project Management Advanced Course

Study at home or at work with this online PMQ classroom course; training lasts for five days  (two days per week spread over two weeks followed by a single day in week three)

The course is divided into two parts: explaining the syllabus topics and exam preparation/revision. The first part (four days) concentrates on the required knowledge, and the second part, the examination workshop, develops understanding of the material - the links between topics - that is an essential component of an examination answer.

The course fee is £1150 + VAT. It includes the four days of training, the one-day examination workshop and the online support via MOODLE. 


APM PMQ Online Remotely-invigilated Examination fee

This £493 fee includes:

1. The APM non-members fee for taking the online, remotely invigilated examination for the Project Management Qualification. This is valid for examinations up to 31 March 2025, after which APM's new prices will take effect.

2. A £15 administrative fee for the MSC to make the arrangements with APM.



APM have added 15 minutes reading time to make a total time of 3 hours 15 minutes. Candidates may write answers during this additional 15 minutes, so the effect is just to extend the total exam duration to 3 hours 15 minutes. It provides an additional 1 and a half minutes for ech question answered.

PMQ Online examination workshops are normally scheduled on Fridays as required- these are booked after the training course starts - their cost is included in the overall course fee. Take the workshop on the day after the training finishes or defer to a later Friday.

PMQ Online Classroom training courses  are normally scheduled once every two months on Monday and Tuesday from 09.00 to 12.15 and 13.30 to 16.45.

These courses do not contain filmed versions of a classroom lecture. Instead they are presented by the tutor and contain sixteen 90-minute webinars tailored for online learning; these supplement the 36 training podcasts available online.

The APM examinations are individually booked for a date and time convenient to the candidate and when they feel ready. After taking the workshop some delegates decide they need more time in revision and preparation.

No - the examination may be booked through the MSC or directly with the APM.

All delegates receive an MSC Study Guide (in paperback format). This Study Guide together with together podcasts and other material are available in an electronic version on our MOODLE site.